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Welcome to the

The main focus of this website is to provide technical detailed information, served in small, digestable chunks of information.
The focus will be around mainly Cisco CCNP / CCIE level exams. CCNA candidates may use the free study material as an eye opener, in order to discover all the fun that is still out there to be explored!

1600+ Cisco (CCNA)/CCNP/CCIE RS study material free PDF
PDF Version
1600+ Cisco (CCNA)/CCNP/CCIE RS study material application
ANKI CCIE mobile phone APP

Pre-CCNA Candidate:
Have a look at the Cisco CCNA: Where and how to start studying for the CCNA, section and take it from there.

CCNA RS Candidate:
The flashcards may contain information that is way beyond of the scope of your current exam such as ICND1,ICND2,CCNAX. The intention here for you guys, is to see a bit further down the line on what there all is to explore during your future career! Even if you do not know one of the protocols listed in the flashcards you at least know that it exists and you know into which corner to place it.

CCNP RS Candidate:
This is your domain! Soak it all up! Your doing just fine! Keep going until you are an experienced CCNP, then, keep going, it just gets better and better the more you know! Finally seeing the big picture, but in a very clear and detailed way!

CCIE RS Candidate:
I knew I could not finish my CCIE studies without a big break due to other personal projects, that's why I had created the flashcards. I guess you will know by now, that keeping all the nibbly little details fresh in mind while studying new topics/technology is quite demanding and hard to keep fresh. The flashcards should/could be able to just bump your memory from time to time. As study time is rare, try to use the PDF or ANKI file on the bus, train to work, and flip through, I am sure some of the flashcards will remember you of certain scenarios. And that's excatly what this is design for! Also go and have a look at the TCP/IP cheat sheet, that may also assist you in understanding the capability of the routing protocol in question. Knowing all fields and what they do aids you to remember how to configure things, well at least it helped me putting things togheter, also this stuff could assist you troubleshooting some serious nasty real life problems, where a vendor may not necessarily stick to a RFC as close as they should. Good luck!

Lately I have found that I use the Cisco CCIE RS flashcards quite frequently as a kind of quick configuration reference when ever I do operational stuff, preparing for changes or designs, customer implementations etc.
Therefore the flashcards can either be used supporting you for the daily operation or as study material preparing you for any Cisco routing and switching exam along the way.

Have fun and happy studies