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Cisco CCIE RS approach

flashcardguy's Cisco CCIE study approach - study plan
Different people, different study approaches, this is what I did. I had lots of time during 2013 for approx 88 days with bad reception and no reliable internet access, so I used my time the best I could by reading 14000 Cisco Press pages and summarized them into the flashcards. Therefore my approach may differ from other people's time frames and overall CCIE study approaches, have a look and pick out what best works for you.

flashcardguy's Cisco CCIE study hours calculation excel - xls
I had 10 years of solid hands on Cisco experience with CCIP/CCNP aswell as CCDP certificates before I had decided to step up to the next level and taking the journey towards the Cisco CCIE RS. I first started with INE Version 4, Volume 1 tasks, until I got enoyed that I would not exactly know the techology in INE's Volume 1 tasks as good as I wanted it to be, meaning I was googling a lot of small details, spending lots of time looking things up, than fixing one task after another. Basically I got lost, starting to google and read random CCIE blogs, quite unfocused to solve INE's tasks. Then I decided do some serious reading, learning the technology first, then applying it, this plan then came handy with my other plans, besides the CCIE, working on a very remote site, without any reliable communication methods available. In order to "guess" or estimate how long things would take me I created the above Excel CCIE RS calculation spreadsheet, giving me a rough estimate on how much time I would spend doing what. At least it gave me a start, and guidance to a certain level, finally the hours the calculated hours where pretty close. In order to estimate your lab hours, start using your training partners labs, do the first 10, and measure the amount of time it took you, now base your calculations on those numbers based on the Excel xls spreadsheet, to see the end of the tunnel.

Some good study resources:

Krzysztof Zaleski CCIE 24081 "CCIE routing and swithing quick review kit

Packet Life's packet captures and cheat sheets

Micronics / Narbiks CCIE training - best Cisco training I have ever attended!

INE's CCIE version 4 study plan

To give you an overview on how much technology a CCIE has to know, find my book list / calculations below. It heavily depends on how fast you read and can understand and memorize all the sometimes quite crunchy information. The initially calculated hours finally added up pretty close for me, having read all of the books from cover to cover during approximately 88 days.

My calculation in regards to the CCIE approach, following INE's version 4 RS study program: